Evet arkadaşlar söz verdim sözümü tutuyorum. Dünya genelinde parayla satılan ve ücretsiz bir yerde kesinlikle olmayan bir musluk/faucet scripti sizinle paylaşmaktan şeref duyacağım. Yeterki siz isteyin.

Script Özellikleri

GR8 Faucet Script v51
Written by a Faucet Owner for Faucet Owners.
This is Alpha Faucet Script with Gr8.cc theme
Main Features
Responsive CSS: Works on Mobile, Tablet or PC
Clean Layout: Simple Designs without the clutter.
Proxy Detection: Standard PHP Detection, NastyHosts & IP Hub
Captcha Services: SolveMedia, reCaptcha or CaptchMe
AntiBot Links: Makejar 6.00
Supported Currencies: Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, Dogecoin, Blackcoin, Dash, Peercoin,
Primecoin & Ethereum

Extra Features
Failed Attempt Lock Out – Lock User from Claiming if fails Captcha or AntiBot too many times.
Payout Safety Limit – Set max payout per 30 min. Keeps faucet from being drained.
One Claim per Addy/User – No Botters.
Faucet Stats including User Action Log
Auto removes Self Referred Referrals
AutoBan users claiming from Multiple Countries
AutoBan users claiming from Multiple Addys

Easy Customization – Change the following in admin panel.
Text Color
Page Background Color
Content Background Color
Page Background Image
Page Font
All Banners
Footer Info
Change Site Font
Ability to Edit Ref Verbiage
Add Ref Banners from Admin Panel
Add Scripts to

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